We help to maintain and control the total solutions through features covering Asset Registration, Asset Tracking, Asset Auditing, Asset Depreciation, Maintenance, Barcoding and disposal. Activo Fixed Asset Management also supports detailed asset management, such as insurance reminder notification and powerful reporting so that your asset information could be presented accurately on the financial statements. We also able to add customized tailored features function to help your asset management needs.


Easy to use dashboard interface to perform asset management tasks and showing graphical presentation

Asset Registration

Fully Customisable Asset Register: User defined Fields, Asset Classifications & Locations, Detailed Asset Descriptions

Tracking & Auditing

Track assets by type, location, user in charge, asset worth. A complete transaction history is maintained as assets are moved around or re-assigned to different user


Flexible asset depreciation management using any available standard methods (straight-line, fixed declining, sum-of-the-years-digit, etc) as well as enables you to create your own depreciation methods

Asset Barcode

Barcode labeling and scanning simplifies the process, saves time and increases accuracy of aset tracking and monitoring


End-to-end workflow capabilities to support the asset lifecycle from asset purchase to retirement (disposal / reverse disposal)


Comprehensive reporting capability: Custom report generator, Export to other Format, Advanced Data Filter


Receive notification of Asset Insurance, Asset Warranty and Asset In-Out Track reminder

Custom Feature

Customized tailored features that is specially developed for our client's asset management needs